Wray Public Library
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    • Shara Berghuis
      Rachel Southards
      Barb White
      Rachel McDaniel
      Annika Harmsen

    • Library Board: 2016:
      Chair, Missy Uyemura
      Vice Chair, Sally Warrick
      Secretary, Margi Fix-Seboldt
      Nikki Obourn
      Katie Brophy
      Julie Jones
      Wilma Reed
      Bret Anderson
      City Liaison, John Willard
    • Wray Public Library
      301 W. 7th St.
      Wray, Colorado 80758

    • Hours:
      Monday 10-5
      Tuesday 10-6
      Wednesday - Friday 10-5
      Saturday 9-1

    Library Card:
    A card is required to borrow materials, and will be issued with proper identification and address verification. A parent signature is required for children 17 years old and younger. Children may receive a library card when they are 3 years of age and can write their own name.
  • Also available at the library:
    Books for all ages
    Books on CD
    Movies on DVD
    Large print books
    Magazines and newspapers
    Computers for public use
    Microsoft programs and the Internet
    Information and reference
    Interlibrary loan
    Book Discussion Club - Wray Wreaders
    Storytime programs
    Telephone renewal
    Home delivery service
    ACLIN (Access Colorado Library Information Network)
    Participating CLC (Colorado Library Card)
    Copy machine (.20 cents per page)
  • Overdrive (books available in download format)
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