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  • Mission Statement:

    Maintaining quality of life in the City of Wray, while continuing to respect individual liberties and personal dignity, will be the benchmark used to gauge our success in the delivery of law enforcement services. Remaining mindful of the people's will, and continuing to be responsive to the City of Wray's needs will be the standards that our performance is measured against.
  • The elimination of criminal activity as it affects quality of life will be our mission, and it will continue to be so, as long as crime deprives citizens of their right to feel secure in their homes and in their lives. The delivery of timely, courteous, quality service is the mandate to the men and women of the Wray Police Department, always without the use of unnecessary force, and always with the intent of solving problems for the citizens who call on us.

Contact Us:
Wray Police Department
326 West 4th Street
Wray, Colorado 80758

24/7 Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency Phone: 970.332.4802
Animal Control/Dog Pound: 970.332.4802

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Vin Inspections: 7 days a week

Certified Vin Inspections: By appointment with Sr. Patrol Officer George Nelson

Fingerprints: 7 days a week

The Wray Police Department consists of seven full time sworn officers, and two civilian employees.
Chief: Adam Srsen
Sergeant: Gary Rockwell
Officer: Kevin White
Officer: Zach Baldwin
Officer: Tom Kron
Officer: Travis Peery
Reserve Officer: Dave Bellman
Reserve Officer: George Nelson
Police Clerk: Sheila Schwartz
Municipal Court Clerk: Deby Black

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