Public Works

public works

Jerry Buchanan
Public Works Director

Our Address:
150 Ash Street
PO Box 35
Wray, CO 80758

The Department of Public Works shall exercise all administrative functions of the Municipal Government as to provide:

(A) Central architectural and engineering services

(B) Preparing plans and designs, and supervising construction of architectural and engineering works

(C) Acquiring or constructing, and maintaining public buildings

(D) Inspecting public and private buildings, and other structures, including their physical appurtenances and services, regulating the construction and maintenance of public and private buildings

(E) Conducting traffic engineering studies and surveys, designing and constructing streets and transportation facilities

(F) Operating central garage and equipment repair services

(G) Preparing for the City Manager a capital outlay budget and developing a long range capital outlay program

(H) Administering and enforcing zoning ordinances

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